Message of Shareholder

"Garant Holding", having based on achievements it has earned for the last years, has turned to be the one of the largest companies contributing to the strong socio-economic progress in Azerbaijan. The company which does not stand on earned achievements successfully continues its efforts towards the development its fields of activity.

The aim of the Holding to move forward permanently in all fields of business and economy coincides with the policy of the leadership of the country to work unceasingly for the sake of dynamic development and radiant future of Azerbaijan. With a view to ensure the establishment and protection of national values for our nation and selfless compatriots, we are trying to actively participate in both local and international strategic and favorable commercially-oriented investment projects.

The Company is being successfully represented in various economy sectors of Azerbaijan, operating in financial sector and has fostered its capacities and potential and directed its resources to agricultural sector starting from 2013. The Company directly supervises the activity and strategic decisions of the companies which it owns and regulates their service and production quality in following spheres: the production of construction materials, telecommunication, insurance, hotels and resort centers, construction, real estate and management, advertising services, agriculture, restaurant services and travel.

Coverage of wide and various fields by our enterprises is the manifestation of selflessness that we have shown and resolute decision we have adopted and our intention is to achieve results which would bring us to success. We are proud of results we have achieved and attach a great importance to reliable relationships based on sincerity, integrity and diligence. We manage to share our knowledge, support valuable offers and take the lead in each sphere.

We have put an aim to be the first and advanced in each sphere between the bodies playing an important role in the dynamic development of Azerbaijan economy. Using leading technologies and applying the best practices and international standards in all business spheres we represent, which has paved the base for mastering new knowledge in corporate management. It is manifested in corporate social responsibility, efficient use of economic resources and protection of environment, management of customer services and constitutes the basis of competition advantage which we have.

"I would surely say that achievements we have earned in the field of economy and traces we have left in the society will encourage you to join us to be the part of our success and to realize your dreams".

Anar Mammadov

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