Corporate Social Responsibility

Basic objective of the Corporate Social Responsibility of "Garant Holding" is to support the sustainable development and be a productive member of Azerbaijan society as Azerbaijan company. "Garant Holding" is a part of our society and the future in general. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Philosophy is composed of rendering the assistance to the society, elaboration of programs which will give impetus towards bright future and active participation in realization of those programs.

"Garant Holding" clearly demonstrates its obligations before the CSR in its activity and improves those obligations through attaching specific importance to values, business ethics and persistent improvement of state of work places with a view to achieve sustainable development. Obligations, which we have assumed, include sponsorship of projects in schools and universities and important traditional projects or charity events as well as establishment of capacity in advanced fields through the material support given to development of sport and increase of competition.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

"Garant Holding" is the reliable and loyal partner for all interested parties. Our efforts towards customer satisfaction and successful development of our society ensure the strengthening and operation of "Garant Holding". We realize the needs of various customer groups and assess their opportunities and abilities to use our services. Our principal mission and aim is to permanently improve and develop our cooperation with customers and society.

Market communication of "Garant Holding" company is being implemented generally in accordance with approved favorable trade traditions, practice, regulations and standards. Market communication implemented through the media channels or programs does not create any opportunities for promotion and development of any environment based on physical violence and influence.

"Garant Holding" has also assisted to implement a number of social projects in the field of education, technology, arts and culture along with its support and assistance to national economy. "Garant Holding" has an aim to support the development of qualified and skillful human resources in the activity which it implements in the country.

The principal objective of social projects implemented by "Garant Holding" is to:

  • Ensure ethical, social and environment criteria in the field of commerce and in our participation in the society
  • Examine CSL risks and capacities in our operations
  • Leave a trace in the society through the implementation of long-term projects promoting the development of culture, sport, economy, education and other spheres in Azerbaijan.

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