Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy of "Garant Holding" is based on principles of liability and mutual respect. People coming to "Garant Holding" show interest to work due to an environment which supports here the creativity, success and achievements.

With a view of assisting the implementation of general objectives, "Garant Holding" invites highly motivated individuals for cooperation who are willing to work in a team and who stand ready to share obligations, liability, risks and discipline.

"Garant Holding" recognizes and accepts the right of everyone to choose his/her type of activity, professional occupation and work place on the basis of ability of everyone to work. "Garant Holding" is willing to consistently attract, develop and protect natural intellect, motivation and business mind to its group of companies.

With a view to provide equal labor conditions and opportunities for promotion for all individuals, adoption of decisions associated with labor activity in "Garant Holding" is based on such criteria as service, qualification, ability and skills. We do not admit discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, national identity, age or other criteria prohibited by law in the provision of labor opportunities. This policy fully covers all aspects of employment including the provision of rights to select staff, admit to work, award, apply disciplinary penalty, dismiss from the position, use benefit and training.

Successful business operations and image of "Garant Holding" is based on principles of true cooperation and moral behavior. We believe that each employee of "Garant Holding" directly contributes to the development and success of the company and we are convinced that each of our employees is proud to be a member of "Garant Holding" family.

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