"Garant Holding" which has commenced its activity in Azerbaijan since 2005 is a successful and dynamically developing company and it manages the activity of subordinated companies within its structure and their strategic decisions. "Garant Holding" Group of Companies operates in the fields of production of construction materials, telecommunication, insurance, hotel business and health and spa centers, construction, real estate and its management, advertisement services, production of agricultural products, restaurant services as well as travel. "Garant Holding" operating in various types of business has set an aim to provide its products and services to the great satisfaction of the customer. "Garant Holding" which is aimed at being ahead of the economy of young and dynamically developing Azerbaijan is one of important economic forces. This company applies advanced and the most modern innovations in Azerbaijan, gives support to companies which are part of it and impetus to the development of international competition in business sectors in which it operates.

The company has been operating under the name "ZQAN Holding" since 2005 up to 2013 and it changed its name as from 10 May 2013 and replaced it with new "Garant Holding" corporate name.

Rare geophysical, social and economic position of the country, organizational stability, economic capacity, natural resources, highly qualified and skilled human resources are the basic supporting factors providing the development of "Garant Holding" company.

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