"Garant Holding" organised "Garant Holding invites to iftar"

Iftar given by "Garant Holding" has been successfully completed.

"Garant Holding" has completed the event named "Garant Holding invites to iftar" yesterday which covered the last week of Ramadan month from 1 to 7 August. Iftar event organized in 10 locations of the city every day within that week and with participation of 9 companies of the Holding has gathered more than 15000 persons in general. Along with distribution of water and persimmon under traffic lights on 6th and 7th days of the event, employees of the Holding have invited everyone to join for iftar in the tents installed nearby the Nizami metro station and in front of the building of Academy of Sciences.

It is already several years, when the event organized on the occasion of each Ramadan on the initiative of Anar Mammadov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Garant Holding" is taken place systematically and it was further enlarged this year. As opposed to last years, mobile tents have been installed in a number of locations across the city this year. Relevant authorities of executive power to which those territories are regarded have rendered assistance and support to organization of that phase of the event. Mobile tents were installed in four locations – in front of 28th May, Academy of Sciences, Nizami and Academy of Sciences metro stations. Nasib Mahamaliyev, governor of Nasimi District Executive Power, Ibrahim Mehdiyev, governor of Yasamal District Executive Power, Shahin Mammadov, deputy governor and Vagif Mammadov, senior adviser of Department of Public Relations of the executive power have closely participated in the event.

Generally, this year’s event has been attended by 9 companies of "Garant Holding": Garant Sigorta, Avtomedia, M-Trans, Royal Estate, Transeurocom, Ujar Agro, Azbentonit, AzPOD and Meridian Hotel. Employees personally served the meal for those keeping the fast and considered participation in such charitable event as their human, Muslim duty. Guided by wonderful traditions of holy Ramadan month, leadership and employees of "Garant Holding" have shared the most beautiful moment of that month – iftar time with the people and joined to prayers of those keeping the fast. Leadership of the Holding, noting the delightfulness and importance of joining to iftar, one of two joys of Ramadan month, extends its congratulations to all Muslims on the occasion of holy Ramadan holiday and wishes prosperity and peace to home of everyone.

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