"Garant Holding" LLC achieved ISO international quality certificate

Being one of the flagships of the country, The "Garant Holding" company, one of the largest holding corporations of Azerbaijan, achieved ISO 9001: 2008 international quality certificate issued by International Certification Organization of TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS. TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS, through the thorough investigation of the activity of the company, witnessed the complete observance of compliance with Quality and Corporate Management System by "Garant Holding" .

Ever since "Garant Holding" launched its activity in Azerbaijan in 2005, it is a successful, dynamic management company, and it directs actions, strategic options and decisions of all companies within the Holding Group.

"Garant Holding" group of companies operates in the sectors of production of construction materials, telecommunications, insurance, hotel business, health and recreational centers, construction and building sectors and as well as the areas and directions of real estate and property management, advertising, production and manufacturing of agricultural products, restaurant service and travel. "Garant Holding" is one of the flagships and important economic powers, targeting at taking the lead of young, developing and growing Azerbaijan economy.

From 2005 to 2013, the company operated under the name of "ZQAN Holding". Since May 10 of 2013, it has been rebranded and interchanged with the new corporate name "Garant Holding".

Among other things we note that the companies of "Azbentonit", "Qarant Sığorta" (Qarant Insurance) and "Royal Estate", which are the part of the "Garant Holding" company have already got the ISO 9001: 2008 international quality certificate. During the current year all the companies of the Holding will be certified through the appropriate procedures.

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